Science Teacher Forum

STF is a purely voluntary Forum that is open to science and mathematics teachers of public and private schools, colleges and universities. STF chapters in Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi are already established. The Islamabad chapter is being established and efforts are being made to establish STF chapters in Quetta and other major university towns of the country. Meetings of STF are held every month, usually on Saturday afternoons. 

The following could be some possible goals of STF 

a. In the short term, to identify and groom talented students at an early age and to inspire them for opting for careers in science and technology. For this purposes we would need to prepare a list of volunteer teachers of biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics.

     b. In the medium term, to identify some burning issues that hampers science and mathematics education in the country and discusses possible ways to address these. Two possible examples are; 

         i. The problem of overcrowding and consequent overwork in public schools and colleges 

        ii. The affordability of quality education offered by some private Institutes

        iii. The relative neglect of students studying science and mathematics at bachelor level, who ultimately form the pool for future teachers in these subjects as well as scientists technologists of the country. 

    c. In the long term, to discuss strategies for the possible career development of science and mathematic teachers and suggest ways to make teaching an attractive career option that would be at par with any other career options. One might also like to include the organization contests, competitions, science fairs and field trips among the possible activities of the forum