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Some of your Questions:

Q. Who is eligible to participate in NSTC-16?

Those who
1) have scored an aggregate of 70% or more marks in core subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, & Mathematics of Matric/O-level.
2) are 1st year F. Sc. /A-level Student (i.e. will be taking part II exam in 2020).
3) are of age not more than 20 years and will not be enrolled in any university on 30th July 2020.

Please note that those students who are currently studying in F.Sc. Part II or equivalent are not eligible to apply.

Q. Is online transfer of application processing fee through online

Bank Account # 0010002084620041 of Allied Bank Limited, Cabinet Division Branch, Islamabad (Branch Code: 0793) is a must through any online Allied Bank Branch of Pakistan?

No you may also send Postal Orders but they must be of Rs. 50 or higher and not less than, except these two methods no other mode of payment is accepted.

Q. Is the last date for submitting nomination forms for each subject


Last date for submission of forms is same for all subjects i.e. 08th January 2017.

Q. What is the syllabus of NSTC?

The syllabus of first section of 20 marks MCQ is Matric/O level for each subject. For the second section for the selected subject the syllabus is Matric/O level. You may use normal Matric/O level books

Q. What is the pattern of NSTC-16 paper?

You can download the sample paper from NSTC website or by click here. For any further information please contact....

Q. Will I get any admit card for appearing in NSTC Screening Test ?

Yes! You will get an admit card after your nomination has been confirmed in first week of Febuary, 2017.

Q. How many students can an Institution nominate?

The institution may nominate any number of students, who scored an aggregate of 70% or more in Matriculation/O-level. If a college does not have sufficient number of such students then it may nominate up to five top1st year FSc/A-Levels students for the Contest in each discipline i.e. Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Physics but will have to explain the criteria used for such nomination.

Q. Can younger students apply in NSTC?

Exceptional bright young students can also apply, provided they are nominated by their institutions using criterion such as performance of students in the class or their score in the last S.S.C/O-level examination. However, the institute should explicitly mention the selection criterion used by them in your nomination form for this category.

Q. Where will the Screening Test of NSTC be conducted?

The test will be conducted in about 8 major cities through out the country, including Islamabad Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad,Hyderabad subject to suitable number of candidates applying from that city.

Q. Can I change the Subject I have mentioned in my Nomination form

later on?

You cannot change the subject you have chosen in your registration form.

Q. Can I be an alumni with out attending the Training Camp of NSTC?

The students who haven't attend any Training Camp of NSTC cannot be NSTC alumni even if they had passed the Screening Test of NSTC. The IMO basically comprises of the following topics: (1) Algebra (Inequalities, Polynomials, Functional Equations, etc) (2) Geometry (2D and 3D) (3) Number Theory (4) Combinatorics These topics (and the required level) are not taught at high-school. So if you are really keen and enthusiastic, you could read up some books on these topics for the IMO. For the exact course of the first camp, you will have to contact Dr. Sarfarz Ahmed.

Q. Can I get the certificate with out attending the first Training


No, As per policy we only give certificates for Participation in the First Training camp.

Q. Where the Training Camps of NSTC going to be held?

The Training Camps will be held at the following Home Institutions (HI's) of NSTC. H.E.J Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi (Chemistry) National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE), Faisalabad (Biology) Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS), Nilore, Islamabad (Physics) Department of Mathematics, CIIT, Lahore (Mathematics)

Q. What is the Tentative Schedule for next NSTC?

NSTC-15 will start in November / December 2017. The Screening Test of NSTC-15 is going to be held in Febuary 2018.

Q. Can a student participate in more then one Subject?

No. You can only participate in one subject.

Q. What is the pattern of NSTC paper?

You can download the sample paper from NSTC website or click the following sample paper. For any further information please contact....

Q. How the students of O/A Level will enter their percentage of their Grades?

Student of O/A Levels will enter their Equivalent percentage according to their grades in Core Subjects : Physics, Chemistry, Mathemtics , Biology/Computer. Also in Total marks percentage in the Online Registration form. eg: A* = 90-100 ,A= 85 etc.